Improve your maintenance decision-making process with IMAS+

IMAS+® is a condition-based-maintenance (CBM) / Predictive maintenance platform for railway infrastructure and vehicles. It uses 4th industrial technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Machine Learning to provide smart solutions which enable us to anticipate faults and, on this basis, we are able to improve efficiency in maintenance, availability and railway safety



It increases the safety of infrastructure and vehicles and provides information about their status in real time.



Increased availability of systems based on the detection of errors before they occur.



Between 15% and 25% saving on maintenance costs.



Greater coordination and allocation of available resources, RAM control and guarantees.

High-level architecture

The IMAS+® platform has a range of specialisation modules tailored to the various fields and techniques in the context of railway maintenance, and a number of different levels which can easily adapt to the various needs of our customers.

L1. Digitization

This level enables the platform to provide the functionalities of an advanced computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), which help to improve traceability, transparency and the quality procedures of all maintenance activities.

L2. Monitoring

It provides the functionalities of a Big-Data and IoT platform to ensure that real-time information about the status of the infrastructure and/or vehicles is obtained in a secure and non-intrusive manner.

L3. Prediction

Based on all the information collected in the previous levels, and on other sources of structured data (Open data, databases, ERP systems and others), special condition-based/predictive maintenance applications are generated both for infrastructure and for vehicles. In this capacity, hybrid models combining the advantages of physical models and models based on data with machine learning are used.


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