Predictive maintenance

Based on all the information collected in the previous levels, and on other sources of available structured data (Open data, databases, ERP systems and others), special condition-based/predictive maintenance applications are generated both for infrastructure and for vehicles. In this capacity, hybrid models combining the advantages of physical models and models based on data with machine learning are used.


Improved safety

Improved availability

Reduced maintenance cost

Key capabilities of IMAS+®

It provides real-time data which help to improve the maintenance and operation decision-making process. In turn, this significantly increases efficiency in resource allocation and optimization.

It detects hidden anomalies in data and explores the factors which automatically include them. This enables faults to be detected at an early stage and prevents unscheduled downtime or degraded situations.

Capable of supporting various fields of application. Simultaneous implementation of multiple services or special applications as part of the same infrastructure

Can be easily used by various kinds of users and roles from technical maintenance profiles to mangers on account of a simple and intuitive HMI

All data are managed and stored in a secure manner in due accordance with applicable legislation and in keeping with best practices in cybersecurity.

The IMAS applications are independent of manufacturers or technology experts of the systems to be monitored

Solution based on open standards which facilitates and promotes interoperability, integration and re-use of data with other systems based on the use of API

The modular and scalable architecture of IMAS+ makes it easy to perform updates and increase processing and storage capacity without the need to change the platform architecture

Damage can be predicted and faults can be anticipated with a reduced confidence interval.

It should be noted that the versatility of the platform and the knowledge of the LIMMAT team in relation to railway systems allow the systems and data at the disposal of our customers to be developed in a particular manner.

IMAS+ Applications

IMAS+® currently has access to a range of special CBM/Predictive maintenance applications for: