Predictive railway vehicle maintenance

Fleets of railway vehicles are normally in operation for a period of between 30 and 50 years. Maintenance amounts to approximately 50% of the total cost borne by operators as they aim to increase the availability and reliability of the fleet in a profitable manner. The use of new technologies is changing the railway vehicle maintenance model. This is contributing to a shift away from maintenance based on time or use, towards condition-based and predictive maintenance, which enables significant improvements to management and efficiency to be made.

The combination of condition-based and predictive maintenance can reduce the maintenance cost of rolling stock by between 15% and 25%, which is considered by railway operators to be fundamental in a liberalised and increasingly competitive environment.

That is why IMAS+® provides operators and owners of vehicles with a cost-efficient solution which is independent of vehicle manufacturers and which can be easily implemented in any of their vehicles.

Main functionalities

  • 01

    Automatic data analysis

  • 02

    Real-time fleet status display

  • 03

    Statistics and historical data display

  • 04

    Sub-system CBM/Predictive maintenance applications

  • 05

    Automatic notifications of incidents to workshop and alarm and breakdown interpretation

  • 06

    Incorporation of expert know-how of operators and maintenance technicians

  • 07

    Energy and fuel optimization and management application

  • 08

    Access to vehicle maintenance documentation

  • 09

    User and role manager